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My 'Executive' Fountain Pen

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My 'Executive' Fountain Pen

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My Empress Pen

      My Empress pens feature some exquisite detailing and offer terrific value when compared with similar pens available. A Swarovski crystal is inset into the clip and attractive Asian style 14kt gold plated bands encircle each end and the centre of the pens. Rollerball and Fountain pen versions are available individually or as a matched pair which offers a great saving. The fountain pen features a gold and rhodium plated nib of high quality.

      The pen offers slightly more weight keeping in line with the quality design, the weight also gives you the comfortable feel of handcrafted quailty. When the cap comes off, it reveals a shape that is super comfortable in your hand and increases the joy of writing.

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      Key Features
      Stunning pens offering excellent value
      Excellent weight and balance
      Rollerball and fountain pens individuals or matched pairs
      Swarovski crystal detail on clip, 14kt banding on the ends and centre